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Created in 1980 by a few friends, the Musée Aéronautique Presqu'Ile Côte d'Amour gave itself the objective of participating in the safeguarding of the French Aeronautical Heritage, and of aircraft IN FLYING STATE, in order to avoid the destruction and loss of this heritage which is a part of our history. As the years passed, a number of retired volunteers joined the Association in order to pass on their knowledge.
Restoration and safekeeping of France's Aeronautical Heritage . M.A.P.I.C.A. Presqu'île Côte d'Amour Aviation Museum

- Aérodrome de La Baule - 44500 La Baule - Tél (R. Delaunay -HOURS OF OPERATION-Open every day except Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, 14h00 till 17h00. FREE ADMISSION.

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